Barcode web-form wizard

Use this wizard to create barcode web forms, which help you enter custom data into the inventory database via a web browser. Web forms are especially useful for tracking the status of a device throughout its lifecycle. You can begin a device's life in inventory by entering its barcode into a web form as soon as it arrives at your dock. When it's time to retire a device, you can create forms that move records out of inventory and into Asset Control for archiving. Along the way, you'll have the inventory records needed for reporting and auditing purposes.

You also have the option of using a barcode scanner to obtain the same type of information, which you can then import into inventory using the barcode CSV import wizard. For more information, see Barcode CSV import wizard.

Open the wizard by right-clicking Barcode Web Form in the DTS tree and selecting New rule. Enter a unique name and description for this rule, then select the database where the rule will store the data it gathers. On the continuing wizard pages, enter the following information: