Enterprise aggregators

You can use DTS to import device data from various enterprise databases into Management Suite inventory. By aggregating the data in one place, it becomes much easier to use for reporting and auditing purposes. DTS imports the data without making any changes to the enterprise database.

Under the Enterprise Aggregators folder in the DTS tree view, you'll find folders for currently supported enterprise databases. This list will continue to grow with new releases of Data Analytics.

Importing data from an enterprise database is a two- or three-step process, depending on whether you have customized any of your data. For each enterprise database from which you want to import data, do the following:

Configure a rule that provides a way to connect to the enterprise database.

Update attribute mappings between the databases in order to move data accurately from one to the other. (This step is only necessary if you've customized data in either the enterprise or inventory database; otherwise, you can skip this process.)

Run the rule to import the enterprise data into the inventory database.

You can accomplish several tasks related to importing enterprise-database data by accessing the right-click menus from the individual enterprise-database folders.

Supported enterprise databases

For details on configuring a rule for a supported enterprise database, select one below.