Import data wizard

Use this wizard to configure rules that automate the process of connecting to different data sources and importing the information into your Management Suite inventory database or Asset Control. The data sources you can connect to include external databases and .CSV and Excel files.

When you need to determine device locations

The physical location of your devices is commonly needed information, yet, by default, it’s not recorded in the inventory database. You can use an Import data rule and information based on a device’s IP gateway to narrow down where the device is physically, such as a particular floor of an office building. Follow this two-step process to pull location-based information into inventory:

  1. Open the Ivanti start menu > Manage IP Gateways and Locations shortcut. Manually enter your IP gateway locations into the table fields. Alternatively, you can use SQL tools to do so.
  2. Set as “active” the Import Data > All Rules > IP Gateway to Address rule, which will import the field values into the inventory database under the Computer.Location component. Any time a device scans, its location will update based on its current IP gateway and information in the table.

Open the wizard by right-clicking Import Data in the DTS tree and selecting New rule. Enter a unique name and description for this rule, then select the database where the rule will store the data it gathers. On the continuing pages, enter the following information: