LDAP import wizard

You can use an LDAP import rule to connect to an LDAP data source, such as Active Directory, to import the most common types of data into your inventory database. A number of these rules install by default, but you may want to copy and edit them for your own specific needs.

This wizard includes an LDAP browser to help you easily find the information you need.

If you use VDI servers in your work environment, you can use this wizard to import data that helps determine which users need a particular software license. For more information, see VDI licensing overview.

Open the wizard by right-clicking LDAP Import in the DTS tree and selecting New rule. If you want to create a set of default LDAP rules, click Yes; otherwise click No, then enter a unique name and description for this rule and select the database where the rule will store the data it gathers. On the continuing pages, enter the following information: