Normalize wizard

Much of the inventory data that is gathered by DTS is not in a report-ready format. Many vendors have few standards for naming their hardware, software, or company, making it difficult to create a clean report that shows all of the manufacturers, models, and software in inventory. The inventory database can only report back to you what the device reports to it. A hardware vendor may report that its name is just "Vendor" on one device, “Vendor Inc.” on another device, and “Vendor Incorporated” on a third. By normalizing or standardizing the data, you make it easily reportable.

Data Analytics ships with a variety of rules that normalize data, but you may need to create your own rules for manufacturers not currently represented. You can copy and edit existing rules for your particular environment.

Open the wizard by right-clicking Normalize in the DTS tree and selecting New rule. Enter a unique name and description for this rule, then select the database where the rule will store the data it gathers. On the continuing pages, enter the following information: