VMWare vCenter import wizard

You can use this rule to connect to your vCenter database in order to import information about ESX host servers and their associated virtual devices into the inventory database. You'll need to create a rule for each of your vCenter databases.

Setting up rules for virtual licensing is a two-step process. After configuring this rule type, you'll also need to configure a Datacenter product rule. A Datacenter rule will apply a vendor's advanced licensing policies to the software in your virtualized environment, finding the most cost-effective licensing options for your organization. For more information, see Virtual-licensing rules overview.

Open the wizard by right-clicking VMWare vCenter import in the DTS tree and selecting New rule. Enter a unique name and description for this rule, then select the data-source type and enter the connection information.

DTS will need read-only access to the vCenter database. Note that when connecting to an external database, the appropriate client tools must be installed on the core server to communicate with that database. For example, to communicate with an Oracle DBMS, the Oracle client must be installed on the core server.

You can configure as many of these connections as needed. DTS currently supports Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. If your data source is not listed, you can connect using the ODBC driver from your software provider.

Click the Finish button. Your new rule will appear in the VMWare vCenter Import > All Rules folder.