Web custom data wizard

Custom web forms provide an easy way of adding new, customized data into inventory for your devices. The web form consists of a table where editors can add the new information, which is then imported into inventory based on new database components and attributes that you define during the form-creation process.

Open the wizard by right-clicking Web custom data in the DTS tree and selecting New rule. Enter a unique name and description for this rule. On the continuing pages, enter the following information:

Click the Finish button. Your new rule will appear in the Web Custom Data > All Rules folder.

To verify that the form looks the way you want, open Web Custom Data > All Rules, right-click a rule, and select Run now to view the form as it will appear to an editor.

Once you're satisfied with how the form looks, your editors can access its URL via their device's web browser, fill in the fields, and click the Update button to import the new data into the inventory database.