Web import wizard

You can use the web import wizard as a tool for collecting and importing information from the web or an intranet into the inventory of your managed devices. The rule you create can be as simple as specifying a single website or as complex as browsing a number of web pages to find specific data.

The most popular web import rules perform manufacturer warranty look-ups. Web import rules can also be used for internal purposes such as pulling information from the web pages of devices.

Most of the web import rules you'll need install by default with Data Analytics.

Ivanti regularly revises and updates these rules to reflect the changes made to websites where information is gathered. For the most up-to-date rules, ensure you have the latest version of Data Analytics installed.

Open the wizard by right-clicking Web import in the DTS tree and selecting New rule. Enter a unique name and description for this rule, then select the database where the rule will store the data it gathers. On the continuing pages, enter the following information: