Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment is a Data Analytics tool for Ivanti® Management Suite that automates the deployment of Ivanti agents to unmanaged devices on your network.

One of the most time-consuming tasks for an Ivanti administrator is to deploy the appropriate Ivanti agent to new or existing devices. The most common way to do this is via Management Suite's Unmanaged Device Discovery (UDD) tool, which requires you to discover new devices on the network, drag and drop those devices to the appropriate scheduled client deployment, and then push the agent out to them. There are other methods as well, but Rapid Deployment helps you automate this process with a client-configuration query that uses UDD to discover devices and install the agent in one procedure.

About the Rapid Deployment view

When you open Rapid Deployment, a pane appears across the bottom of the Management Suite console. This pane lists default client configurations for each type of unmanaged device you might want to query for and deploy an agent to.

Getting started

To use Rapid Deployment to automate Ivanti agent deployment, you need to do these tasks: