Access the integrated HP tools in the Ivanti console

Now you can log in to the Ivanti console and access the integrated HP Hardware Management tools that are added to the Ivanti console when you install the Ivanti Endpoint Manager plus HP Hardware and Software Management software.

From the console you can also access the managed HP device inventory components including ElitePad tablets and Retail Point-of-Sale (RPOS) peripheral devices.

Ivanti plus HP Management adds these new HP-specific agent settings to the Agent settings tool:

  • HP BIOS settings
  • HP remote secure erase
  • HP software policies

It also adds a new HP-specific tool to the console's Security Configurations tool window [[where is this now?]]:

  • HP TPM?

For descriptions of these integrated HP tools, see BIOS Settings Configuration help, TPM Configuration help, and HP Software Policy Settings help.

IMPORTANT: Ivanti Administrator right required
Only users with the Ivanti Administrator right are able to see and use the HP tools.

To access the HP management tools
  1. In the console, click Tools > Configuration > Agent settings > All agent settings, and then click the HP agent setting that you want.
  2. Double-click an existing setting profile or right-click and create a new one.
  3. Save your changes and update the agent settings on managed devices. For more information, see [add xref].