Managing HP ElitePad tablets from the Ivanti console

Once you apply the HP ElitePad tablet integration patch and deploy Ivanti Windows agents to your ElitePads, ElitePad tablets appear in the console's Network View. If you right-click an ElitePad and click Inspector, you can access the Hewlett-Packard tab, which is only visible when inspecting an ElitePad.

You can do the following with ElitePad tablets:

  • Get the most recent reported location
  • Mark as lost
  • Lock
  • Trigger a Windows 8 refresh
  • Trigger a Windows 8 reset
  • Secure erase
  • Power off

To apply one of these commands, click the button next to the command.

For additional information on managing tablets, see How tablet location works and Understanding tablet connectivity.

Locating an HP ElitePad tablet

If you want to get the physical location for a tablet, you can use the Locate device now command. This immediately sends a request to the selected tablet that asks for its current location. For this request to be received, the tablet must be connected to your intranet or the Internet. Note that device management over the Internet requires a Ivanti Cloud Services Appliance (sold separately). If the tablet isn't connected, the request won't be completed until the tablet reconnects and the core can communicate with the Ivanti agents on the device.

If Endpoint Manager can't communicate with the tablet, it will return the last known location.

Detailed location information is stored in the core database for the last 24 hours. Information older than that is condensed to a single location per day, with a maximum of 30 days. When condensing data, Endpoint Manager generally keeps the most recent accurate result for each day.

Viewing the location map

When you click Locate device now, a map appears showing the most recent reported location. Click Show last 24 hours or Show last 30 days to see the locations reported during those time intervals. Clicking a location in the list shows that location on the map. Use the standard Microsoft Bing mapping tools to navigate the map.

Marking an HP ElitePad tablet as "lost"

If a tablet is missing, you can mark it as "lost". The core server then immediately tries to connect to the tablet to activate the high-frequency update interval specified in the tablet's agent configuration. The tablet also switches to the lock screen, so someone will have to log in to use it.

The high-frequency update interval gives you more location data points so you can track the tablet's location more accurately. The default "lost" update interval is 15 minutes. You can adjust this in the agent configuration.

If the tablet owner recovers the tablet, you can mark it as "Not lost". This restores the location update interval to its original value.

Locking an HP ElitePad tablet

You can remotely lock tablets. This is useful if a tablet may have been misplaced or isn't with the tablet owner.

Resetting or refreshing an HP ElitePad tablet

Windows 8 supports an operating system refresh or reset, which basically restores the tablet's operating system to a freshly-installed state.

  • Refresh: Preserves personalization, Windows Store apps, personal files, photos, and music. Consider using this if a user complains that the tablet isn't working reliably, such as random resets or hangs.
  • Reset: Preserves nothing. Restores the tablet to a factory-fresh state. Consider using this if a tablet is lost and you want to delete all user data.

The tablet reset and refresh features Endpoint Manager supports are part of Windows 8, and are the same as the ones you see when you click Settings > Change PC settings > General > Refresh my PC or Reset in Windows 8. When you send a refresh or reset command to the tablet, Windows 8 takes over and completes the process. If the process fails for some reason, troubleshoot the failure inside Windows 8 on the tablet.

Refresh and reset commands only work if Windows 8 has a .wim image file registered with it. If Windows 8 doesn't have a .wim file registered, the refresh and reset commands won't be available in the inspector.

If the .wim image file registered with Windows 8 doesn't include Endpoint Manager agents, you'll lose the ability to manage that tablet after the refresh or reset completes, since that process removes the agents and any other installed applications that aren't part of the .wim file. We suggest you create a .wim image file using the Microsoft tools that includes Endpoint Manager agents so that you can continue managing a tablet after a refresh or reset.

Securely erasing an HP ElitePad tablet

You can remotely and securely erase stored data on HP ElitePads. For more information, see HP remote secure erase.

Powering off an HP ElitePad tablet

You can remotely shut down an ElitePad tablet so that it is completely powered down. This operation triggers the Windows 8 shutdown command.