Ivanti plus HP Hardware and Software Management overview

The Ivanti Endpoint Manager plus HP Hardware and Software Management tool is an integrated partner solution for your Ivanti® Endpoint Manager or Ivanti® Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager network environment. Ivanti Endpoint Manager plus HP Hardware and Software Management lets you remotely secure and manage your HP devices from a single console.

This solution combines HP management capabilities with powerful Ivanti plus HP Management tools that let Ivanti Administrators easily and efficiently scan managed HP devices, view Ivanti Inventory component data (both hardware and software), run queries, deploy and install the latest HP updates, configure health alerts, and generate reports.

This integrated functionality, in conjunction with the Ivanti Alerting and Reports tools, helps Ivanti Administrators identify and address hardware threshold excesses and errors, power consumption and performance, battery health, HP network card connectivity status, maintenance issues, missing devices, and so on.

Ivanti plus HP Thin Client Management offers the following Ivanti tools and features:

  • Unmanaged Device Discovery (UDD)
  • Agent configuration
  • Provisioning image capture and deploy
  • Write filter management (WES platforms ONLY)
  • Software distribution
  • Patch Management
  • Remote control
  • Inventory view

Additional features

With this integrated HP solution, system administrators can:

  • Access integrated HP device management tools in the Ivanti console
  • Configure HP devices for management (scanning, real-time inventory and monitoring, alerting, reports)
  • Run inventory scans on HP devices
  • View HP device inventory
  • View HP device real-time inventory and monitoring
  • Run queries using specific HP device component inventory data
  • Configure and deploy HP BIOS settings to target HP devices
  • Configure and deploy TPM (Trusted Platform Module) security chip settings to target HP devices
  • Change/update BIOS and TPM settings with the Scheduled Tasks tool
  • Deploy and install the latest HP updates (including HP hardware and firmware updates)
  • Configure health alerting for managed HP devices and Retail Point-of-Sale peripheral device events, errors, usage thresholds and other attributes
  • Generate reports, including standard inventory and BIOS reports as well as predefined HP device reports

The added HP management tools include:

  • HP Power Assistant — This tool lets you monitor and manage power usage on your HP devices. Use customized power settings and deploy them to target HP devices in order to optimize power consumption and performance. HP Power Assistant data is available via the device inventory and predefined reports.
  • HP Battery Check — This tool automatically scans your managed HP device and lets you track the device battery health. HP Battery Check data is available via the device inventory and reports.
  • HP Connection Manager — This tool automatically scans your managed HP devices to check for HP-compatible network card status, and reports that information to the core database. You can use this information to activate a network card enabling you to track and manage network (Internet) connectivity and activity.
  • HP Software Policies — Use this new tool (which resides in the Security Configurations tool window) to create custom policies based on HP Power Assistant settings that can then be deployed to your managed HP devices via a Change Settings task and the Scheduled Tasks tool.

You can view this new data in the device inventory, under the Hewlett-Packard component node.

Also, the following reports have been added to the Ivanti Reports tool:

  • HP Battery Health Check
  • HP Mobile Broadband Card Asset Information
  • HP Power Assistant Power Consumption
  • HP Power Assistant Power Consumption Comparing Day of Week