Installation prerequisites

This section describes the hardware and software requirements for the Ivanti plus HP Management installation, and for the HP devices you want to manage via the Ivanti console with the integrated HP tools.

You must comply with the following prerequisites in order to install, configure, and use the Ivanti plus HP Management tools in your network environment.

HP client prerequisites

Standard HP client devices must have:

  • A supported Windows OS.
  • Standard Ivanti agent installed (configured for Alerting, and Real-time Inventory and Monitoring). For more information, see Configure HP devices for Ivanti management tasks.
  • CMI providers installed. This HP update is titled "HP Client Management Interface Software Providers" (NOTE: If it's not already installed, you can download and install the file from the HP website.)

These features only work on HP ElitePad tablets:

  • HP remote secure erase
  • Get the most recent reported location
  • Mark as lost
  • Lock
  • Trigger a Windows 8 refresh
  • Trigger a Windows 8 reset

You can now scan the "managed" HP device, view the device inventory, configure BIOS and TPM chip settings, create and deploy HP Software Policies with associated HP Power Assistant setting, use the HP Battery Check and HP Connection Manager tools, etc.