Using the HP reprovisioning package

The reprovisioning package updates the HP RSE key and information stored in an ElitePad's BIOS. The main use case for using this package is when you need to change keys because the old key was compromised.

The reprovisioning package doesn't require a USB drive since the package is signed with the provisioned key. There is a database of which HP RSE keys are on which devices.

These packages are an agent setting, so you can create a policy and push it to the devices you want.

Also, once a device is provisioned, you can use any Ivanti® Endpoint Manager console, not just the one on the core server, to push reprovisioning packages.

Using the HP reset provisioning package

The reset provisioning package erases the currently deployed company name strings and the existing HP RSE provision key in the ElitePad BIOS. It then inserts an updated RSE provision key in case you want to reprovision the ElitePad later.

Note that since the RSE key is stored in the BIOS, a software reset or disk wipe will not remove the provisioned key.