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BIOS Settings Configuration help

This is the context-sensitive help topic for the BIOS Settings Configuration dialog in the Ivanti console.

Use this dialog to configure BIOS settings that can then be deployed to your managed HP devices.

IMPORTANT: New Inventory scan required for settings changes to appear in the Inventory
Any changes you make on this dialog and deploy to a target HP device will not be reflected in the device's inventory until after the next Inventory scan.

This dialog box contains the following options:

  • Settings selection:
    • Apply only modified settings to targeted clients: Ensures that only the BIOS settings you've changed with this configuration are applied to the target HP devices.
    • Apply all settings to targeted clients: Ensures that all of the BIOS settings contained in this configuration are applied to the target HP devices.
  • Feature list:
    • Feature: The name of the HP BIOS component.
    • Current Setting: The value of the specified HP BIOS component based on the last Inventory scan.
    • New Setting: The changed value you want applied to the specified HP BIOS component.
  • BIOS access:
    • Current BIOS password: Allows access to the HP BIOS data.
    • Confirm passwords: Required for access to the HP BIOS data.
    • Load default BIOS settings: Clears the existing HP BIOS components' values and resets them to the system default values.
  • Name of package to be created:
    • Software Distribution package name: Identifies the software package with a unique name.
  • OK: Closes the dialog and saves the software package in the Ivanti Software Distribution tool.
  • Cancel: Closes the dialog without saving any of your changes.

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For step-by-step instructions on configuring HP BIOS settings that can be deployed to target devices, see Create and deploy HP BIOS settings to HP devices.

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