HP ElitePad management overview

If you need to manage HP ElitePad tablets, you can add ElitePad support to Ivanti® Endpoint Manager 9.5 by downloading the LD95-HP-ElitePad-Integration.exe patch from the Ivanti Community (https://forums.ivanti.com).

Endpoint Manager service pack 1 includes the ElitePad support, so if you installed that you don't need to install the separate integration patch.

HP ElitePad support adds the following features:

  • Network View inspector support for ElitePads
  • Tablet location history and mapping
  • Find my device, which gets the tablet's current location
  • Remote lock, reset, refresh
  • Remote BIOS setting changes
  • Location-aware adaptive settings and geofencing
  • HP remote secure erase

There's an ElitePad FAQ on the Ivanti Community that you can read for additional information:

See the following sections for more information on tablet location and tablet connectivity.

How tablet location works

Tablet location information relies on the location services built into Windows 8. Windows 8 can determine a device's location in the following ways:

  • GPS (accuracy within several meters)
  • Wi-Fi network location information from a wireless network hub (accuracy within 350 meters or so in urban areas)
  • IP address (accuracy within 50 kilometers)
  • Mobile phone tower triangulation (accuracy within a few kilometers in urban areas)

Windows 8 location data consists of latitude, longitude, and accuracy. Speed, elevation, or direction information isn't returned.

A GPS location is the most accurate. The other location methods vary in accuracy, sometimes drastically. Windows 8 will determine which location data sources are available and report data from the one that appears to be most accurate.

Non-GPS location accuracy often depends on how accurate the data coming from the location source is. For example, if the device is in Denver and the closest mobile tower's associated location information incorrectly says it's in Phoenix, because whoever set up the tower didn't update the location information properly, the device location accuracy may be way off.

Location information is only available if users have allowed it. In Windows 8, location information is disabled by default. If a tablet user hasn't opted in, Endpoint Manager won't be able to get location information for that tablet.

If there are multiple user accounts on a tablet and no user is logged in, as long as one user on the tablet has enabled location information Endpoint Manager can get location data. If a user is logged in, location data is only available if the logged-in user has enabled location information.

Tablets update their location at the interval specified in their agent configuration, and when the following events happen:

  • IP address change
  • A power state change
  • Lock or unlock
To change location privacy settings in Windows 8
  1. Open the Settings panel and click Change PC settings.
  2. Click Privacy.
  3. Enable Let apps use my location.

Understanding tablet connectivity

HP ElitePad tablets ship with Windows 8 and support the Windows 8 connected standby mode, where the device is always on and connected, but services are throttled and applications are suspended to preserve battery life. This allows the Ivanti agent to communicate with the tablet as long as it's connected to the Internet and you're using a Ivanti Cloud Services Appliance (sold separately). If you don't have a Cloud Services Appliance, these features will only work on your intranet.

When you send commands to a tablet, they take effect immediately if the tablet has a network connection and is powered on. If the tablet is in sleep mode, commands take effect when the next agent-based update interval occurs. If the tablet doesn't have a network connection, commands take effect the next time it connects to a network. While the core is trying to connect to the tablet, you'll see that any executed commands have a "pending" status.

Installing management agents on an HP ElitePad tablet

Since HP ElitePad tablets run Windows 8, they use the same management agents that normal Windows computers use. There's an additional Inventory settings agent configuration page specific to tablets that lets you configure tablet location reporting intervals. Location reporting is disabled by default in agent configurations.

If you enable location reporting and deploy the updated agent to an ElitePad tablet, location reporting won't happen unless a user on that ElitePad opts in to the Windows 8 Let apps use my location privacy setting.

To enable location reporting in agent settings
  1. Click Tools > Configuration > Agent settings > All agent settings > Inventory settings.
  2. Double-click the inventory settings profile you want to modify.
  3. On the Location reportingpage, click Allow (requires end-user consent and at least .NET4 on client).
  4. Modify the collection intervals if necessary. The defaults are four hours for a tablet that isn't marked lost, and 15 minutes for a tablet that is marked lost.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Deploy the updated agent configuration to your ElitePad tablets.