Configure alerts for managed HP devices

You can use the Ivanti Alerting tool to create alert rulesets that monitor, measure and alert you when a specified event occurs, condition is met, or threshold is surpassed on your managed HP devices and RPOS devices.

Custom rulesets trigger alerts to notify you when an HP device or Retail Point-of-Sale (RPOS) component attributes — such as voltages, temperature, printer page usage, etc. — have exceeded a threshold you specify.

To configure alerts and alert rulesets
  1. In the console, click Tools > Configuration> Alerting. The Alerting tool window appears.
  2. Click the New alert ruleset button on the toolbar.

  3. Enter a unique name and description for the new ruleset, and then click OK. The new ruleset appears in the Alerts list.
  4. Right-click the ruleset, and then click Edit .

  5. At the Rules Summary dialog, click Alerts to open the alerts list where you can select the item about which you want to be alerted.

    The Point-of-Sale Peripherals alert is located under the Standard node. Several HP device and RPOS peripheral devices and attributes are located under the Monitor node. Browse through this list to find the component or feature you want to track and about which you want to be alerted.

  6. Click Actions to open the actions pane where you can specify the alerting behavior.

  7. Click Time to open the time options pane where you can specify the time settings for this alert.

  8. Click Add to add the alert you just configured to the ruleset.
  9. When you're done compiling your ruleset, click OK.
  10. At the Alerting tool window, right-click the alert ruleset you want to deploy to target HP devices, and then click Distribute rulesets. (Or, click Create a task on the toolbar button, and then click Distribute rulesets.)

  11. Enter a name for the alert task, select whether you want to add the selected rulesets to any existing rulesets already on the target device, click Add or Remove to customize the rulesets you want to distribute with this task, and then click OK to create the task and add it to the Scheduled Tasks tool window.

Now you can use the Scheduled Tasks tool to deploy the alert ruleset task to your desired HP target devices. For detailed information about using the Scheduled Tasks tool, see Scheduling tasks.

NOTE: Using the Ivanti Alerting tool
For more detailed information about using the Ivanti Alerting tool, see the Alerting section in the User's Guide that begins with Alerts and monitoring overview.