Configure HP devices for Ivanti management tasks

Before you can manage your HP devices, you must configure them with the standard Ivanti agent. This makes them managed devices in the Ivanti core database, and lets you perform the various management tasks — including the specific integrated HP Hardware and Software Management tasks — via the Ivanti console.

Deploy the Ivanti agent to HP devices

To deploy the Ivanti agent
  1. From the HP device, map a drive to the core server, go to the LDLogon folder, and run wscfg32.exe. (Or, to deploy an agent configuration from the console via a scheduled task, click Tools > Configuration > Agent Configuration to open the Agent Configuration dialog.)
  2. Right-click My Configuration, and then click New Windows agent configuration.
  3. On the Start page, enter a unique name for this configuration.
  4. On the Start page, make sure the under Real-time Inventory and Monitoring both Baseline components and Extended components, are selected. (NOTE: The Ivanti Alerting feature is enabled by default with the standard Ivanti agent.)

  5. Select each page and specify the options you want to apply to this configuration that will be deployed to target devices (click Help on any page for detailed information).
  6. Click Install.


    If you're deploying the agent configuration from the Ivanti console to target devices, click Save to add the task to the Scheduled Tasks tool window, where you can configure a task to deploy the agent configuration to your desired HP target devices.

Use Ivanti® Endpoint Manager to take control of your HP devices

Once an HP device is configured with the Ivanti agent, it becomes a "managed" device in the Ivanti network environment.

In the Network View

In the Ivanti console's Network View, you can right-click a managed HP device to access the shortcut menu where you can:

  • Run an Inventory scan
  • View the HP device inventory data (BIOS settings, TPM security chip settings, HP Power Assistant, HP Battery Check, HP Connection Manager

In the console

In the console, you can also:

  • Access the new integrated HP Hardware Management tools in the Ivanti console
  • Configure (change/update) HP BIOS settings and HP TPM chip settings
  • Configure (change/update) HP Power Assistant settings
  • Create and run queries based on HP device-specific inventory data (components and attributes)
  • Configure alerts based on HP device inventory data
  • Generate reports based on HP device inventory data