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Configure HP Thin Client Windows Embedded Standard (WES) devices

Before you can manage your HP Thin Client devices, you must configure them with the standard Ivanti agent. This makes them managed devices in the Ivanti core database, and lets you perform the various management tasks — including the Ivanti Partner HP Hardware and Software Management tasks — via the Ivanti console.

Ivanti® Endpoint Manager powered by Landesk version 2017 supports the following HP Thin Client WES platforms:

  • Windows Embedded Standard 7 Enterprise (WES7)
  • Windows Embedded Standard 09 Enterprise (WES09)

Deploy the Ivanti agent to HP Thin Client WES devices

To deploy the Ivanti agent
  1. From the console, click Tools > Configuration > Agent Configuration to open the Agent Configuration dialog.
  2. Right-click My Configuration , and then click New Windows Embedded Standard agent configuration.
  3. On the Start page, enter a unique name for this configuration.
  4. The Agent Configuration dialog box is similar to the standard Windows agent configuration's options and controls. Select each page and specify the options you want to apply to this configuration that will be deployed to target devices (click Help on any page for detailed information).

  5. A feature specific to HP Thin Client WES management is the Embedded OS write filter option. Click the Embedded OS write filter page to configure a period of time during which the write filter is disabled on the managed device so that a Ivanti Administrator can perform maintenance tasks on the machine. (NOTE: The way this works is that the write filter on the target device's hard disk is disabled, the device is rebooted, and at the end of the specified time period, or when all of the scheduled tasks and processes are complete, the write filter is turned back on and the device is rebooted again.) You can specify a start time, the days of the week during which the maintenance windows is allowed, and a forced end time.

    CAUTION: If you set a specific end time for the write filter to be enabled and for policies and processes to run and all of the processes have not completed by this time, keep in mind that data loss or corruption may occur. Therefore, you need to accurately measure and determine the amount of time required to complete all of the applied policies and tasks. Or, instead, do NOT set an end time.

  6. Click Save. This adds the task to the Scheduled Tasks tool window, where you can configure a task to deploy the agent configuration to your target HP Thin Client WES devices.

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