Use HP Connection Manager

HP Connection Manager provides useful information about your HP device's network cards. This information is very helpful in activating a network card (for example, you can find the card's IMEI number in a scanned HP device's inventory without having to open up the machine), and in tracking and managing subsequent network connectivity and activity.

IMPORTANT: Verify the proper version of HP Connection Manager
The HP Connection Manager software you install must be version 4.1 or greater.

IMPORTANT: Supported network cards
HP Connection Manager supports ONLY HP-compatible network cards.

Unlike HP Power Assistant, HP Connection Manager itself is NOT configurable. The scanner runs once a day and the scanned information is entered in to the Ivanti database where you can view it in the device inventory. (NOTE: This data can also be viewed in the new HP-specific reports in the Reports tool.)

To view the HP Connection Manager data in the inventory
  1. Select an HP device from the Network View in the console.
  2. Right-click the device, and then click Inventory.
  3. Open the Hewlett-Packard node, and select Connection Manager to see all of the data.