Create and deploy HP BIOS settings to HP devices

In order to remotely change the BIOS settings on one or more of your managed HP devices, including ElitePad tablets, configure the BIOS settings in the Ivanti console and then deploy them to the desired target HP devices.

IMPORTANT: New Inventory scan required for BIOS settings changes to appear in the inventory
Any BIOS settings changes you make on a managed HP device via deployment of an BIOS Settings Configuration package will not be reflected in the HP device's inventory until after the next inventory scan.

To create an HP BIOS settings package

  1. In the console, select a managed HP device from the Network View.
  2. Click Tools > Configure > HP BIOS Configuration.

  3. Enter a unique name for the HP BIOS settings package (at the bottom of the dialog).
  4. Select whether you want to apply only the modified BIOS settings to target HP devices, or whether you want to apply ALL of the BIOS settings to the targeted devices.

    WARNING: Unintended behavior can result from misapplied settings.
  5. In order to change a specific BIOS feature's setting, select the feature in the list, and then click the down-arrow button in the New Setting column. Depending on the type of BIOS feature, a drop-down menu appears where you can specify the setting you want, as shown in this example:

    Or, if the feature requires a text string value, a text box dialog appears where you can enter the value, as shown in this example:

  6. Complete all of the BIOS settings you want to change or update.
  7. In order to access the HP device BIOS, you must enter and confirm the current BIOS password.
  8. Click OK.

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