Create and deploy HP TPM chip settings to HP devices

You can use this tool to remotely change the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security chip settings on one or more of your managed HP devices. To do this, configure the TPM settings in the Ivanti console and then deploy the settings to the desired target HP devices.

IMPORTANT: Windows XP is not supported
The HP TPM chip setting tool is not supported on HP devices running the Windows XP operating system.

To create an HP TPM settings package
  1. In the console, select one or more managed HP devices from the Network View.
  2. Click Tools > Configure > HP TPM Configuration.

  3. Enter a unique name for the HP TPM Configuration settings package.
  4. Select whether to Enable or Disable the HP device's TPM chip; or whether to Enable and take ownership, or Change the TPM owner password. Depending on which option you select, the controls at the bottom of the dialog will change to reflect the action you've chosen.
  5. In order to take ownership of the TPM chip, you will need to enter the previously defined BIOS password. Otherwise, for the other options, you will need to enter the TPM password.
  6. Click OK.

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