Download and deploy HP software/driver updates

You can use the Ivanti® Endpoint Manager Patch and Compliance tool to download the latest HP Driver Packs and HP BIOS content updates (i.e. "HP Softpaq" updates), and deploy them to your managed HP devices.

IMPORTANT: A separate HP-specific content subscription is NOT required
You do NOT need a separate specialized content subscription in order to download the HP-specific content with the Ivanti Patch and Compliance Download Updates tool. HP Hardware and Software Management content (HP Softpaq updates) is considered standard Ivanti content and as such is available for download with your basic Ivanti software subscription.

To download HP updates
  1. In the console, click Tools > Security and Compliance > Patch and Compliance. The Patch and Compliance tool window appears.
  2. Click the Download Updates button in the toolbar.
  3. In the Definition Types list, select HP Updates.
  4. Click Download now to immediately start the download process.


    Click Schedule download to create a scheduled download task in the Scheduled Tasks tool.
  5. Once the HP software updates download is complete, you can use the Patch and Compliance tool to view the content, filter the content, and add it to a security/compliance scan task in order to deploy the HP software updates to your managed HP devices.

NOTE: Using the Ivanti Patch and Compliance tool
For more detailed information about using the IvantiPatch and Compliance tool, see the Download Updates section that begins with Download security content.