Use HP Power Assistant

HP Power Assistant and HP Battery Check help you control and optimize energy consumption for your HP devices, and increase their performance.

HP Power Assistant lets you configure power activity and usage policies for your managed HP devices. You can track power usage across your network, apply standard policies to all of your HP devices, save money, and increase end user productivity.

IMPORTANT: Verify the proper version of HP Power Assistant
The HP Power Assistant software you install must be version 2.1 or greater.

HP Power Assistant options are used to create a HP Software Policy. In other words, you use the HP Software Policies tool to configure Power Assistant settings, assign the policy to a Change Settings task, and then use the Scheduled Tasks tool to deploy the policy (comprised of Power HP Assistant events) to target HP devices.

For step-by-step instructions for this procedure, see Create and deploy HP Software Policy settings to HP devices.

Once you've deployed a HP Power Assistant policy to devices and they've been scanned, power usage data can be viewed in the device inventory. (NOTE: This data can also be viewed in the new HP-specific reports in the Reports tool.)

To view the HP Power Assistant data in the inventory
  1. Select an HP device from the Network View in the console.
  2. Right-click the device, and then click Inventory.
  3. Open the Hewlett-Packard node, open the Power Assistant node, and then select any of the components to see the attributes' values.