Access Connections Profile Manager

NOTE: Version 3.x of Access Connections Profile Manager is no longer supported.

Use the Access Connections Profile Manager tool to manage multiple configurations and schedule the distribution of access connections profiles to specified clients. You can launch IBM Access Connections from the console by clicking the New Profile Distribution Package button in the toolbar or by right-clicking Profile Distribution Packages, then clicking New....

NOTE: If you're using V4 of Access Connections Profile Manager, you need to upgrade to V4.1.

To schedule the distribution of a profile, click the profile name and click the Schedule button in the toolbar or right-click the profile, then click Schedule. The Access Connections Profile Manager will automatically create a distribution package with the same name as the configuration. If it does not exist, it will also create a default delivery method for all the ThinkVantage tools.  All ThinkVantage tools will use this delivery method by default, but you may edit the method or decide to use a different delivery method. To modify the parameters of the distribution package, in the Toolbox, click Distribution Packages | My Distribution Package | Executables. Right-click the package name and then click Properties. To modify the delivery method, click Distribution | Delivery methods | Public delivery methods. Click Policy-supported push, right-click ThinkVantage Delivery, and then click Properties.

Follow the same procedure to schedule the distribution of profiles that you use to schedule all other types of tasks in the console. For more information, see Scheduling tasks.

Once the software distribution package runs on the client, the profile is listed in the Access Connections application on the client machine. The distribution package stops and restarts the access connections process on the client to update the Access Connections Profile list.