Antidote Delivery Package Manager

The Antidote Delivery Package Manager enables you to manage and deploy multiple antidote configurations to computers that have been configured with Antidote repositories. Only systems with Rescue and Recovery installed can use the Antidote Delivery Package Manager.

To create an antidote package, use the following steps
  1. Select Tools | ThinkVantage | Antidote Delivery Package Manager.
  2. Launch the Antidote Wizard by clicking the New New Antidote Delivery Package button on the toolbar or by right-clicking Antidote Delivery Packages and selecting New.
  3. Follow the steps provided by the Antidote Wizard to create your antidote package.
  4. Save your antidote package for distribution.

The Antidote Delivery Manager Wizard creates and edits antidote configurations. The Antidote Wizard is an external application provided by Lenovo and must be present in the \\Program Files\ThinkVantage\ADM directory on the computer where consoles are installed in order to create configurations. To add the configurations to the console, save them in the \\<Core Server>\ldlogon\TVTS\Antidote directory.

The Antidote Delivery Package Manager also allows you to configure machines that host repositories. Click the New Antidote Repositories Configuration button on the toolbar to launch the Antidote Repositories Configuration dialog where you can configure the properties of antidote repositories in the Endpoint Manager database. The machines where the UNC, FTP, or HTTP repositories reside must also be in the Endpoint Manager database and have the Endpoint Manager software distribution client installed. A saved antidote configuration should only be distributed to machines that have repositories configured on them. To locate the target computers, run the query located in Queries | Public queries | ThinkVantage Technologies | Repository Hosts. For more information on configuring clients to use a particular repositories, see Rescue and Recovery Policy Manager.

To schedule the distribution of an antidote package, click the profile name and click the Schedule button in the toolbar or right-click the package, then click Schedule. The Antidote Delivery Package Manager will automatically create a default delivery method. To modify the parameters of this delivery method, from the Toolbox, click Distribution | Delivery methods | Public Delivery methods. Click Policy-supported push, right-click ThinkVantage Delivery, and then click Properties.

To manage an existing repository:
  1. Right-click on the repository you want to manage.
  2. Select ThinkVantage | Manage Repository from the drop-down menu. Here you can delete or update existing antidote policies.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the window.

Follow the same procedure to schedule the distribution of antidote packages that you use to schedule all other types of tasks in the console. For more information, see Scheduling tasks.