Power Manager

The Lenovo ThinkVantage Power Manager Configuration tool is a separate tool from the ThinkManagement Power Management tool. Where the latter enables you to power on and off certain computers at given times on given days, the Lenovo Power Manager tool gives you much more detailed control by allowing you to control specific components and settings on the targeted machines.

For example, using the Lenovo ThinkVantage Power Manager Configuration tool, you can create specific settings for features such as Display Brightness, Monitor on or off, or Allow Hybrid Sleep, save the configuration as a Lenovo policy, and then use the ThinkManagement Power Manager to schedule use of the Lenovo policy for specific days and times.

To create a power management configuration
  1. Click Tools > ThinkVantage > Power Manager.
  2. Launch the Lenovo ThinkVantage Power Manager Configuration tool by clicking the New Power Manager Configuration button on the toolbar or by right-clicking Power Manager Configurations and selecting New.
  3. Use the Lenovo ThinkVantage Power Manager Configuration tool to edit the console's current power management policies to create your configuration package.

NOTE: Power management policies are console-specific. They can only be returned to a previous state by manually editing each affected policy back to its previous state.

  1. When you have finished making all desired changes, name and save your Power Manager configuration package for distribution.
Scheduling distribution

To schedule the distribution of a power management package, click the profile name and click the Schedule button in the toolbar, or right-click the package and then click Schedule. The Power Manager will automatically create a default delivery method.

To modify the parameters of this delivery method, from the Toolbox, click Distribution > Delivery methods > Public Delivery methods. Click Policy-supported push, right-click ThinkVantage Delivery, and then click Properties.

NOTE: Right-clicking a Power Manager Configuration and selecting Properties displays the console's current power management policy, and does not allow you to make changes.

Integration with ThinkManagement Power Manager

Once you have created a ThinkVantage Power Management policy as described above, you can invoke that policy from the ThinkManagement Power Manager.

  1. Click Tools > Power management.
  2. In the Power management tool, right-click My policies and select New Power Policy.
  3. Type a name for the policy, followed by a description (optional).
  4. Select Lenovo policy from the Action list.
  5. Select the Lenovo policy from the Policy list.
  6. Specify the day(s) and time (s) when you want the Lenovo policy to be in effect.
  7. When you are finished, click Save. to save the integrated policy.