Rescue and Recovery Policy Manager

Use the Rescue and Recovery Policy Manager to create and distribute rescue and recovery configurations.

To create a New Rescue and Recovery Policy Manager Configuration
  1. Select Tools | ThinkVantage | Rescue and Recovery Policy Manager Configuration.
  2. Access the Rescue and Recovery Policy Configuration window by clicking the New Rescue and Recovery Policy Configuration button on the toolbar or by right-clicking Rescue and Recovery Policy Configuration and selecting New.
  3. Enter the configurations you wish to include in the new profile. Information regarding the options available is listed below.
  4. Click Save.

Rescue and Recovery Profile Manager options

  • Partition and backup locations: Adjust the disk backup settings to configure the frequency of automated backups, the backup location, and to which local drives the backup will be applied.
  • File information: Choose which files on the selected drives will be backed up. You can choose to backup either specific files and file types or simply backup all files on the drive.
  • Antidote Client Policy: Enable deployment of antidote policies. Select previously configured repositories from the drop-down menu, then click Add. If you check Enable Encryption, use the Browse... button to navigate to the public keys associated with the specified repositories. For more information on how to define repositories in the database, see Antidote Delivery Package Manager.
  • Backup and restore options: Select an application to run before or after backing up or restoring a drive.
  • Network Backup Configuration: If you selected a network Backup location under Partition and backup locations, enter the network address and your username and password.
  • User Interface: This option allows you to choose which options appear in the new profile.

Once you have created a new Rescue and Recovery Policy configuration, you can edit it at any time by double-clicking it, or by selecting it and right-clicking it and selecting Properties.

A Rescue and Recovery Policy configuration should be distributed to all clients that have Rescue and Recovery installed. The inventory scanner will report the configuration that a client is using. To schedule the distribution of a rescue and recovery policy, click the policy name and click the Schedule button in the toolbar or right-click the policy and select Schedule. The Rescue and Recovery Policy Manager will automatically create a default delivery method. To modify the parameters of this delivery method, in the Toolbox, click Distribution | Delivery methods | Public Delivery methods. Click Policy-supported push, right-click ThinkVantage Delivery, and then click Properties.

Follow the same procedure to schedule the distribution of rescue and recovery policies that you use to schedule all other types of tasks in the console. For more information, see Scheduling tasks.

Once a computer has Rescue and Recovery installed, right-click the computer name in the console, then click Rescue and Recovery backup to send a real-time command to start the backup on the client computer. This command can not be sent to multiple computers simultaneously. If the computer has restore points (previous backups) that the inventory scanner has reported back to the core, the right-click menu will also display a Restore option. Click Restore to view all available restore points and select one to restore. You can only restore one computer at a time.