Removing Fingerprint profiles

On Thinkpad laptops with the fingerprint reader and registered fingerprints, you'll want to remove the fingerprint data when the laptop needs to be transferred to a new employee. You can do this for one computer or for multiple computers using the Fingerprint Manager tool.

You can remove fingerprint data on one or more Thinkpad laptops by creating a Remove Fingerprint Profile task You can then schedule the task to run now or at a later time.

To create the task
  1. Open the Fingerprint manager tool.

  2. Click the New Fingerprint Manager Configuration button.
  3. In the Fingerprint Manager dialog box, type a name for the configuration task.
  4. Click Save.
  5. In the Fingerprint Configuration Manager tool, right-click the new task and select Schedule.

This inserts the fingerprint data removal task in the list of scheduled tasks.

You can now use the Scheduled tasks tool to target the devices on which fingerprint data needs to be removed, and to run the task now or specify a later time. For instructions on how to schedule a task, Scheduled tasks help.