Retrieving Thinkpad warranty data

You can instantly retrieve live, up-to-date warranty information directly from Lenovo's warranty database. This enables you to instantly check comprehensive warranty-data for your Thinkpad laptop computers.

To retrieve Thinkpad warranty data
  1. In the Network view on the ThinkManagement console, right-click the Lenovo device for which you want to retrieve warranty information. You can also select multiple devices.
  2. Select Retrieve warranty information.

    A confirmation window appears, indicating the device(s) queried, and whether the retrieval was successful.

  3. Click OK to close the confirmation window.
To view the warranty data
  1. In the Network view, right-click the device for which you want to view warranty data.
  2. Select Inventory.
  3. In the Inventory window, expand ThinkVantage Technologies.
  4. Click Lenovo Warranty view summary warranty information for the laptop.

    OR, click + to expand the warranty information and view a list of part numbers. Then click a part number to view detailed warranty information about that component.

Once the information has been retrieved, it is stored in the core ThinkManagement database. You can then use the standard ThinkManagement console tools to search, query, run reports, export data, and so on.