Adding DNS TXT records

We recommend that you add DNS TXT records to allow mobile devices to resolve the address of the CSA. This makes the enrollment process much easier for users and removes the possibility for errors. If DNS TXT records do not exist, during enrollment, users must manually enter the URL of the CSA, including the name of the core, increasing the chance for errors.

To create the DNS TXT record

Create one record for Android devices and one record for iOS devices using the following patterns:

Android: android-enroll=https://[fully qualified public name of the CSA]/rtc/[core name]/MDM/api/v1/enroll/AndroidEnroll

iOS: iOS-enroll=https://[fully qualified public name of the CSA]/rtc/[core name]/MDM/api/v1/enroll/IosEnroll

For example:


NOTE: If you do not add the TXT record, consider taking other steps to prevent users from typing in a long URL on their devices when they enroll, such as using a URL shortener.