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Enrolling devices in Android Enterprise

Smart devices running Android OS version 5.1 or higher can be enrolled in Endpoint Manager using Android Enterprise. Endpoint Manager currently offers Android Enterprise device management using work profiles.

Before enrolling Android Enterprise devices, you must create an enterprise account with Endpoint Manager. For more information, see Creating an Android Enterprise account.

Work profile enrollment

Work profile mode is typically used with employee-owned devices (BYOD). Work profiles protect employee privacy by only allowing the enterprise to access data within the work profile, keeping the device user's personal data separate and secure.

To generate device enrollment data

1.In the management console, select Configure > MDM configurations > Google Android Enterprise.

2.Select the enterprise you want the device to enroll with.

3.Click Generate QR Code.

4.Choose one of the following provisioning methods:

QR code provisioning. Click Save Image to save the generated QR code.

Token and URL provisioning. Copy and distribute the enrollment token to enroll devices without using the camera. (Optional) Copy and distribute the enrollment URL to give device users a direct link to the enrollment page.

These QR codes and enrollment tokens expire after 24 hours by default.

To set up the work profile on the device

1.On the device, navigate to Settings > Google > Set up your work profile.

2.Choose the appropriate option for your provisioning method:

QR code provisioning. Scan the enrollment QR code.

Token provisioning. Tap enter code then enter the enrollment token.

A work profile is set up on the device. If the enterprise has an applied policy that requires a passcode, the user will be required to set one during enrollment.

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