Creating an Android Enterprise account

When you create an enterprise service account from the management console, it will automatically be enrolled in Endpoint Manager, enabling device management through Android enterprises. Once you have created an enterprise account, you can approve, purchase, and publish apps in the managed Play Store. A Google account is required for this process.

Endpoint Manager supports the use of multiple enterprise accounts. However, a Google account can only be associated with a single enterprise account. Multiple Google accounts are required to create multiple enterprise accounts.

NOTE: An enterprise account should only be used on a single core at any given time. Using the same account on multiple cores may result in enrollment, configuration, and notification failures.

To create an enterprise service account

1.On the core, open your Internet Explorer browser, and sign in to the Google account you want the enterprise to be associated with. Internet Explorer is specifically required for this step.

2.In the management console, select Configure > MDM configurations > Google Android Enterprise.

3.Click New Enterprise.

NOTE: If you are unable to sign in to Google after clicking New Enterprise, you may need to reset your Internet Explorer security settings and enable enhanced security. For information about this process, see Microsoft's help: Reset Internet Explorer Settings. We also recommend clearing your browser cache, cookies, and history.

4.Click Next. You will be redirected to Google's Android Enterprise page.

5.Click Get started.

6.In the Business Name field, enter a name for your enterprise and click Next. This name will be the enterprise name that appears in the management console.

7.(Optional) Enter the contact information for your data protection officer and EU representative.

8.Check the I have read and agree to the Managed Google Play agreement box, and click Confirm.

9.Click Complete Registration. Your enterprise account is created. This may take a moment.

10.Save the enterprise data file to a secure location. This file contains the credentials for your enterprise.
If the enterprise account is re-enrolled, this file must be saved again.

11.In the Create Enterprise for Android Management window, click Close.

12.Click OK to restart the Ivanti MDM Management Service.

Your enterprise account is now enrolled with Endpoint Manager. For information about enrolling Android devices with your enterprise account, see Enrolling devices in Android Enterprise. For information about managing enterprise apps in the managed Play Store, see Distributing Android Enterprise apps.