Android Enterprise extension app

The Ivanti MDM Extensions application adds new features to Endpoint Manager's existing Android Enterprise offering. As of Endpoint Manager 2020.1.2, this app is automatically installed on Android Enterprise work profile and fully managed devices. Once installed, device information is reported to Endpoint Manager with no end user interaction.

Currently, the extension app adds:

Rooted device detection. To view if a device has been rooted, double-click the device in the Network View and select Mobile Devices.

Serial number information. Visible in the Network View.

User experience

Work Profile. The device user creates a work profile on their device, and the app is automatically installed. No interaction with the app is required. The device user cannot uninstall the app. For information about work profile enrollment, see Enrolling devices in Android Enterprise.

Fully Managed. The device user has no required interaction with the app. The device user cannot uninstall the app.