Distributing Android Enterprise apps

Once you create an enterprise, you can approve, purchase, and publish apps in your enterprise managed Play Store. Using distribution packages, configure enterprise apps, make them available in the work profile badged Play Store, or silently install them on devices.

The following types of apps are available through the managed Play Store:

Normal apps. Approve normal apps in your managed Play Store.

Paid apps. Purchase multiple application licenses in your managed Play Store. View how many licenses you have remaining on the My Managed Apps tab of your managed Play Store.

Private apps. Distribute private apps by publishing them to your managed Play Store. Apps published this way will only be available within your enterprise. For information about publishing private apps to your managed Play Store, see Google's documentation.

Web apps. Create web apps through your managed Play Store. When a user opens a web app, the web app's URL opens in the device's Google Chrome browser.

NOTE: Before you can access the managed Play Store through the management console, you must enroll an enterprise with Endpoint Manager and install an SSL certificate on the core. For more information, see Binding a web server certificate.

To approve enterprise apps from the management console

1.In the management console, navigate to Tools > Modern Device Management > Enterprise applications.

2.Select Managed Google Play.

3.Select the enterprise you would like to manage from the Enterprise drop-down menu.

4.If your system is not properly configured for this feature, you will receive prompts to configure the necessary components before proceeding.

5.Use the Google interface to approve, purchase, and publish apps for your enterprise.

6.Click Organize apps.

7.Create collections of approved apps that you would like to appear in the managed Play Store on your devices. We suggest creating collections based on user roles.

The managed play store can also be accessed by visiting play.google.com/work.

To distribute enterprise apps to devices

1.In the management console, navigate to Tools > Distribution > Distribution packages.

2.Click New > Android > Android Enterprise Managed.

3.Enter a name for the package.

4.In the Enterprise drop-down menu, select the enterprise you would like to distribute the software from.

5.In the Approved Apps drop-down menu, select the enterprise managed app you would like to distribute.

6.(Optional) Select the managed configuration you would like to send with the app, or click New to create a configuration. Available configuration options vary by app.

NOTE: For a Gmail managed configuration, using the $username$ variable will send the value for the Short Name associated with the device. Using the $emailaddress$ variable will send the value for the Email associated with the device.

7.(Optional) Use the App Permissions side menu to set permissions for the app distributed in this package. These permissions will override any global permissions configured with Android agent settings.

8.Use the Install Options menu to specify how the app will be installed.

9.Click Save.

10.Schedule the package for distribution. For information about scheduling distributions, see Distribute a package.