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Use Android for Work

Enrolling a device with Android for Work allows you to encrypt your device drive, manage settings and apps on the device, and apply a work profile to only control work-related functionalities. You can also sync, wipe, lock, or unlock the device from the console.

NOTE: For unenrolled devices that are discovered through the Exchange Server, you can only perform device discovery and wipe.

NOTE: You can only enroll devices with Android 5.1+.

NOTE: If your device is already enrolled using the standard Ivanti Agent, you must unenroll the device and enroll using the Ivanti Android for Work agent. However, do not remove the Ivanti agent; this is still needed for additional management tasks.

Once a user enrolls their mobile device, that device appears in the Network View and you can view the device's inventory information.

If you plan to distribute documents or links to users, they must also install the Ivanti Workspaces app.

To enroll an Android device

1.Download the Ivanti Android for Work Agent from the Google Play store.

2.From the device Notifications, tap the application to install it.

3.The app asks if you want to allow the application to be a device administrator. Tap Activate.

4.Provide the user's email address and password and tap Enroll.

If the device can determine the server address using a DNS lookup, it enrolls the device. If the device is unable to determine the server address using a DNS lookup, it prompts you for the URL to the server. Provide the enrollment URL provided by your administrator.

As the device is enrolled, the user is prompted to accept the profile. If the profile has not been signed, or has been signed by a certificate that the device doesn't trust, there is a warning displayed to the user. The user must install the profile in order to be managed.

Once the user has installed the profile, settings are applied and the device downloads the software assigned to it.


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