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Use Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Apple allows eligible organizations to perform setup-free deployment of iOS devices through the Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Mobility Manager is designed to work with this program, eliminating the need to individually set up each iOS device purchased. By using DEP through Apple, you can associate mobile device management services with any newly-purchased device and automatically apply policies to it prior to shipping. When your Smart device arrives from Apple, it already contains all policy changes you require and can immediately be distributed.

To participate in Apple DEP with Mobility Manager you need the following:

DEP-enrolled Apple IDs

iOS 8.0+ devices purchased directly through Apple

OSX 10.10+ Mac devices purchased directly through Apple

To enable DEP with Mobility Manager

1.Ensure your CSA and mobility settings are fully configured. If they are not, this functionality cannot be used. To configure your CSA, see Configuring the Ivanti Cloud Services Appliance (Management Gateway). To configure mobility settings, see Get started with Mobility Manager.

2.Enroll in the Apple Device Enrollment Program. You must enroll an administrator Apple ID with the credentials needed to utilize this feature. As part of this process, you must also set up two-step authentication.

3.Add Mobility Manager as an MDM server. This process associates Mobility Manager with Apple Device Enrollment Program as an MDM.

4.Install your server token on Mobility Manager. After adding Ivanti as an MDM, you receive a server token file to associate with Mobility Manager.

5.Configure settings as needed. You can determine which steps of the first-time setup that users will see on the device, as well as what level of management you'll enforce.

6.Ensure devices are purchased directly from Apple. Devices must be purchased directly from Apple using an enrolled Apple ID. Once purchased, you can distribute policy changes to them with Mobility Manager. To enroll your Apple ID for DEP, see Apple Deployment Programs. To verify if an iOS device was purchased directly from Apple, continue to the next step.

CAUTION: You cannot apply DEP policies to devices purchased prior to completing this process. Only devices purchased after will function as intended.

ClosedAdd Ivanti as an MDM

To begin using DEP, you must have an account enrolled in Apple's Deployment Program. After this criterion is met, you can add Mobility Manager as an approved MDM server to begin applying policy changes to iOS or Mac OS devices purchased.

To configure DEP for Mobility Manager

1.From the Navigate to Configure > Device Discovery > Apple Device Enrollment Program.

2.Click Add.

3.Click the Download Public Key File button and name your public key file.

4.Navigate to and log in with your Apple ID.

5.Click Device Enrollment Program > Manage Servers.

6.Click Add MDM Server.

7.Enter a name for the server and click Next.

8.Click Choose File to browse for and upload the public key file you downloaded from Mobility Manager.

9.Click Next.

10.The service generates a server token. Download the token and then click Done.

Enrollment is enabled and you can now assign devices to the Mobility Manager server by order number or serial number from the Apple Deployment Programs Console. When a device is assigned to Mobility Manager, it becomes managed by Ivanti and it receives all restrictions, policies, and software packages associated. However, if a device is not DEP-enabled (i.e., wasn't purchased through Apple or after setting up DEP), it will not automatically enroll or skip setup screens.

ClosedConfigure DEP settings

After integrating Mobility Manager with Apple DEP, you can manage the initial setup of iOS and Mac OS devices. This management functionality allows you to skip the setup of key features, while also allowing you to enable supervisor mode to limit the capabilities of users.

To configure settings

1.From the Apple Device Enrollment Program window in the Console, browse for and upload the server token you downloaded from Apple DEP.

2.Enter a DEP Token Alias.

3.Select any configuration options and setup items to skip during the initial setup. Users will not encounter any screens selects from this window.

4.Click OK to save the changes. Any devices purchased with Apple DEP are automatically configured and enrolled using these settings.

ClosedAdd devices to manage

With Apple DEP, you must specify all devices to manage by device serial number or order number.

To add devices you want to manage with DEP

1.From the Apple DEP Web page, click Manage Devices.

2.Enter all serial numbers or order numbers, separated by commas.

3.Click the Choose Action drop-down menu and select Assign to Server.

4.Select the MDM server you just added.

All devices associated with the serial numbers or order numbers entered will perform the DEP setup as configured in Mobility Manager.

ClosedSet up DEP iOS and Mac OS devices

Devices configured with Apple DEP still require some individual setup during their initial launch. This differs from the standard first-time launch of an iOS device where a user would set up the device as their own and perform tasks like enabling Location Services, entering iCloud credentials, and other configurations. These devices skip any setup screens you selected, and automatically enroll in Mobility Manager.

To set up DEP devices

1.After powering on the device, begin the setup.

2.Select a nationality and language.

3.Select a WiFi network and connect to it.

4.An alert appears to indicate that the device will be managed by Ivanti. The device user is then prompted to log in using their corporate credentials, such as those used for Active Directory.

5.Continue through the initial setup as instructed.

The device is automatically enrolled with Mobility Manager and receives any policies associated with the user account or device.

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