Using the application portal (iOS/iPadOS)

With the Ivanti application portal, you can curate a catalog of applications to make available to iOS and iPadOS devices managed through Endpoint Manager MDM. These apps are not pushed to devices. Instead, the apps appear in the Ivanti Portal where the device user can choose which apps they would like to install. You can add both paid and free apps to the portal.

We recommend adding the Ivanti Portal app and the apps you would like to distribute to a VPP token. For more information, see Using a VPP Account.

User experience

The Ivanti Portal app will appear on the user's device. When they open Ivanti Portal app, they will see the catalog of apps that have been added to the portal in Endpoint Manager. The view is similar to the app store. They can tap on the apps they want to install. Once installed, the apps will appear on their home screen, the same as apps from the app store appear. Applications in Ivanti Portal can be searched for by name, tag, and category. If apps are added to or removed from the portal in Endpoint Manager, the Ivanti Portal is updated with the new selection on relaunch or by dragging the screen down to refresh.