Sync settings (MDM)

Configure > MDM Configurations > Common Settings > Sync Settings

After a mobile device enrolls, the core server tells it to periodically check for new settings or software. By default, the device is notified to check in every 24 hours. You can modify the check in frequency and other associated settings to manage traffic in your environment. The following options are available:

Delay between device batches. If you have a large number of mobile devices that all need to check in, the server notifies them in batches to prevent too many devices attempting to check in at the same time. This is the length of time in between batches. By default, the server sends notification to 100 devices, then waits for 1 minute before contacting the next batch.

Device batch size. The maximum number of devices that the server can notify to check in at the same time.

Device check-in expiration. The minimum length of time the server waits before repeating a notification to check in. This setting can be overridden by scheduled push tasks or when an administrator sends a sync command from the inventory.

Device check-in frequency. The length of time between device check-ins. The server waits until this period has elapsed since the last check in, and then notifies the device to check in again.

Device check-in poll interval. The interval that the server waits before it evaluates which devices need to check in.

Apple DEP device discovery interval. The interval that the server waits before checking for new Apple DEP devices.

Apple VPP to SLM synchronization interval. The interval that the server waits before synchronizing VPP licenses with the Software License Monitoring console.

These settings are used when you schedule settings and software in policy-based tasks. If you perform a scheduled push task, the server uses the batch delay and batch size settings but ignores the expiration and frequency settings.

To configure mobile device check-ins

1.Click Tools > Modern Device Management > MDM Configurations > Common Settings > Sync Settings.

2.Configure the settings and click OK.