Unenrolling devices

If a user wants to remove his Android, macOS, or Windows mobile device from management, he must remove the app as a device administrator in the device settings, then he can uninstall the Ivanti Agent app. Users who have iOS devices that are being managed need to go into Settings > General > Profiles and remove the MDM profile. If the profile is password protected, the user is prompted for the password in order to remove the profile. However, when a user uninstalls the app, it does not remove the device from the Network view or the Mobility tool.

An administrator can unenroll a device through the console in one of three ways:

  • Selective wipe: Removes the MDM profile and the associated settings from the device.
  • Selective wipe + delete: Removes the MDM profile from the device and the device from inventory.
  • Factory reset: Removes the device from inventory and returns the device to factory settings, meaning the agent will be removed from the device.

For more information, see Wiping devices.

NOTE: On android devices the wipe options also remove device administrator privileges for the agent.