Unenrolling devices

If a user wants to remove his macOS or Windows mobile device from management, he must remove the app as a device administrator in the device settings, then he can uninstall the Ivanti Agent app. If the profile is password protected, the user is prompted for the password in order to remove the profile. However, when a user uninstalls the app, it does not remove the device from the Network view or the Mobility tool.

An administrator can unenroll a device through the console in one of three ways:

  • Selective wipe: Removes the MDM profile and the associated settings from the device.
  • Selective wipe + delete: Removes the MDM profile from the device and the device from inventory.
  • Factory reset: Removes the device from inventory and returns the device to factory settings, meaning the agent will be removed from the device.

For more information, see Wiping devices.