Enrolling legacy Android devices

IMPORTANT: Modern Android device management now uses Android Enterprise. For information about managing Android 5.1+ devices, see Android Enterprise management modes.

You can enroll your Android devices with Modern Device Management. Enrolling a device allows you to manage settings and apps on the device. You can also sync, wipe, lock, or unlock the device from the console.

You must have the appropriate notification service enabled before you can manage mobile devices. For more information, see Legacy Android notification services.

Once a user enrolls their mobile device, that device appears in the Network View and you can view the device's inventory information.

To enroll an Android device

1.Download the Ivanti agent from the Google Play store by navigating to the URL below:


2.Open the application.

3.Tap OK to acknowledge the Device Admin Disclosure.

4.When app asks if you want to allow the application to be a device administrator, tap Activate this device admin app.

5.Provide the user's email address and password along with server and group (optional) information and tap Enroll.

If the device can determine the server address using a DNS look up, the server field will auto-populate the enrollment URL when moving to the password field. If the device is unable to determine the server address using a DNS look up, the server field remains blank. Provide the enrollment URL provided by your administrator.

6.Once the device is enrolled, the user is prompted to accept the profile. If the profile has not been signed, or has been signed by a certificate that the device doesn't trust, there is a warning displayed to the user. The user must allow profile installation for the device to be managed.

Once the user allows profile installation, default settings are applied and the device downloads any software assigned to it.