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Custom enrollment agreements

During enrollment, iOS, macOS, and Android devices can display a custom enrollment agreement that users acknowledge by tapping Accept or Decline. The core server stores a record of users that accepted it. If a user declines, their device won't be enrolled.

The agreement supports HTML/CSS and can handle all languages in the same document. Links aren't allowed on Android. Links are allowed on iOS, but if the link is to a site that isn't mobile-enabled, swipe-to-back won't work.

Devices that enroll through DEP or Windows agentless enrollment don't support this feature, because they don't use an Ivanti enrollment app.

If there's no custom enrollment agreement set up on the core server, the enrollment app skips the custom enrollment agreement page.

To use a custom enrollment agreement
  1. On the core server, click Configure > Device Discovery > Enrollment Agreement Configuration.
  2. Use the Browse button to browse the .htm or .html file that contains your agreement.
  3. Check the preview, then click Save. (Note that links don't work in the preview.)
  4. Click OK.

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