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Grandfathering mobile devices

You can grandfather all mobile devices that connected to your Exchange 2010 or Office 365 server in the past. Grandfathering allows these devices access regardless of any future connection rules you consider. This can be useful when you're deploying Mobility Manager and you want to be sure existing mobile devices aren't affected.

Use this option carefully. It modifies the server whitelist and is not reversible using the LDMS console. In other words, once you've enabled grandfathering, the only way to remove a whitelisted device is to use the Exchange console to manage the whitelist manually.

To allow previously connected devices regardless of the connection rules

1.Click Configure > Device Discovery.

2.In the navigation tree, click Exchange ActiveSync and then click the Exchange 2010 or Office 365 link.

3.Make sure the Exchange manages my connection policy checkbox is not enabled, and enable the Allow previous connected devices (grandfather) checkbox.

4.Click OK.


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