Locking or unlocking devices

You can remotely lock managed mobile devices if they are stolen or lost. The mobile user will need to enter their passcode to unlock the device. If the device doesn't have a passcode, users can unlock the device without entering a passcode.

If the user forgets his passcode, you can also unlock the phone and remove the current passcode. If you have passcode settings enforced on the device, the user is prompted to create a new passcode when he accesses the device.

If the device is turned off or out of range when the command is sent, it may not receive the command.

IMPORTANT: Desktop computers, such as a Macbooks or Windows 10 machines, cannot be locked or unlocked remotely.

To lock or unlock a mobile device

1.Find the device in the Network view.

2.Right-click it and click MDM actions > Lock or Unlock. When you unlock the device, the passcode is removed.