MacOS patch via MDM (Version 2022 SU3)

Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2022 SU3 adds support for macOS patching via MDM. Devices must be enrolled in MDM for this to work. This can happen through a right-click or through patch and compliance. When using patch and compliance, MacOS patching will happen through MDM if the device is MDM, otherwise the patch will fall back to being applied by the vulnerability scanner.

MacOS devices have a new right-click menu item, MDM Actions > Update OS. This works for a single device.

Version 2022 SU5 macOS upgrade updates

Version 2022 SU5 adds support for updating the operating system of multiple macOS devices in Patch and Compliance. The OS update is handled by sending an MDM ScheduleOSUpdate request to the device. The update runs in the background and users will see a notification that the OS update is underway. Apple silicon devices must be DEP-enrolled to use this feature, due to Apple's restrictions.

For details on how to do this, see the community article on Best Practices for Upgrading macOS.