Deep link enrollment

Windows 10/11 devices can be enrolled in Modern Device Management using a deep link. Deep links can be sent to users through web-based communication channels, such as a welcome email or an internal onboarding web page. After clicking the link, users are taken to the built-in Windows enrollment app where they enter their corporate credentials to enroll in Modern Device Management.

Deep link enrollment is best suited for devices that have already been deployed but have not been hybrid-joined to Azure AD. For devices that have already been hybrid-joined, see Group policy enrollment.

To create a deep link

Copy one of the following URIs and paste it as a hyperlink to create a deep link.

Azure AD enrollment (recommended). This method requires Azure Active Directory enrollment to be configured. For more information, see Azure AD enrollment.


Direct-to-core enrollment. Replace "example.server" with the address of your core server.


User experience

After clicking the link, the Set up a work or school account dialog appears. The user enters their corporate credentials. The device is enrolled in Modern Device Management and can receive policies and commands.

The experience may vary slightly on different browsers.