Windows notification services

Tools > Modern Device Management > MDM Configurations > Microsoft > Notification Services (WNS)

Endpoint Manager uses the Windows Push Notification service (WNS) to communicate with Windows Devices. To enable communication, you must create an app in the Microsoft Partner Center using a Windows developer account. This generates configuration data that must be entered in Endpoint Manager.

To set up WNS for Windows devices

1.Make sure you have a Windows Developer account. There is a one-time cost associated with creating an account.

2.Sign in to the Microsoft Partner Center using your developer account.

3.Click on the Overview tab.

4.Click Create a new app.

NOTE: If the Create a new app button isn't visible, you may have to update the benefits associated with your account. To do this, navigate to and ensure the Windows Developer Account benefit is associated with your subscription.

5.You will be creating a placeholder app here, so set the app name to any value then click Reserve product name. The process of creating this app is to establish WNS settings. The app itself will not be built or shipped.

6.Ensure that your new application is selected under the Products section of the menu.

7.Navigate to App management > App identity.

8.Copy and paste the Package Family Name (PFN) and Package SID fields into a text document. These values will be used in the Endpoint Manager console.

9.Navigate to App management > WNS/MPNS.

10.In the Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) and Microsoft Azure Mobile Apps section, click on the Live Services Site link. This brings you to the Application Registration Portal.

11.Copy and paste the Application Secret into your text document.

12.From the Endpoint Manager console, navigate to Tools > Modern Device Management > MDM Configurations > Microsoft > Notification Services (WNS).

13.Paste the values from the text document you created before into the appropriate fields.

You can now enroll Windows 10/11 PCs.