Targeting devices [Web console]

The Targeted devices list helps you complete tasks on selected devices, such as deploying agents or scanning for software updates to a select group of devices.

The recommended number of devices that you should add to the list is 250 or fewer. The devices will stay in the list until your console session ends or times out (after 20 minutes of inactivity).

You can target devices by selecting them from any list of devices. If you don't see the devices you want, use the Find button on the toolbar. Search for one particular device, or search for several using the wildcard characters % to substitute for a single character, or * to substitute for multiple characters.

With one or more devices in the Targeted devices list, you can complete a task such as deploying an agent configuration to each of the targeted devices.

To target devices using the Web console
  1. In the My devices or All devices list, click the device you want to target for an action. Select multiple devices by using Shift+click or Ctrl+click.
  2. Click the Target button. If it isn't visible, click the Filter button on the toolbar to hide the Filter options (the Target button is on the far right).

In the action pane the selected devices are listed under the Targeted devices tab. Once they are listed under this tab, you can open a tool (such as Distribution) and schedule a task that can be applied to the targeted devices.

NOTE: Device lists can span multiple pages, and as you select devices you need to click the Target button for each page. You can't select devices on multiple pages and click the buttons just once for all of the pages.

NOTE: You can click the down arrow below the toolbar on the far right to set how many devices you want to display per page. You can display up to 500 devices per page. To permanently change the number of devices displayed in device lists, click Administration > Preferences > Page settings.