Configuring health dashboard options [Web console]

To configure how the health dashboard displays data
  1. On the health dashboard toolbar, click the Options button.
  2. Type a number (in seconds) in the Update every box to set how often you want the health dashboard to check for health status updates.
  3. Select the graph type you want to display from the Graph type list (3D bar, 3D pie, 2D bar, 2D pie).
  4. From the View list, select the status category you want to display. You can display all devices, or display devices by status type (Normal, Warning, Critical, Critical/Warning).
  5. Select how you want the devices sorted (by Name or Health).
  6. Select Large icons to display the health dashboard view with large icons.
  7. Select List view to list the devices with the same columns as the main console. Large icons don't display in this view.
  8. Click OK.

The health status is updated according to the frequency you specify in this dialog. If you want to update status immediately, you can click the Refresh button on the toolbar.