Filtering the display list [Web console]

The Devices lists have a filter option you can use to determine which devices appear in the list. You can filter by one of four types of criteria (device name, IP address, operating system, or login name). Use a wildcard character (% or *) to select a range of items with a similar identifier.

To filter the display list
  1. Click My devices and navigate to a group under Devices.
  2. If the Filter options are not visible, click the Filter button on the toolbar.
  3. In the Filter list, select Device name, IP address, Operating system, or Login name.
  4. Set the parameters of the filter by typing in the text box.

    In this box, the following extended characters are not supported: < , > , " , ' , !.

    For example, if you filter by device name, type the host name or range of computer names. You can enter wildcard characters to find certain computer names (such as *srv ).
  5. Click Find.